“Kumquat(ly) and no one gets hurt”

No one got hurt

No one got hurt

I look forward to the look on ones’ face when they eat a Kumquat. I had not had a kumquat until about a week ago. Not only did it make me pucker, but once I swallowed the gallon of saliva my mouth produced from the sour little morsel, I giggled. Then ate another. Food makes me happy. My family loves food.  We live, love and learn food together.

When getting together, the first thing we all text mom is…”what are we having to eat?” I know you are smiling and I know why. The art, beauty and act of cooking food has brought my family closer together. Our food chat is constant from the minute we know we are getting together, but endless texts in-between showing off what we have masterfully created or successfully failed at in our own kitchens is fuel for our culinary knowledge. A spoonful of sibling competition, goes a long way.
Three of us are now grown or at least old enough and somewhat wise enough to cook something other than Ramen noodles or tortillas with cheese. We have all in some form or another found comfort in food.

I am not talking comfort food to cure what might be an, “I had a bad day and all I want is a huge pile of spaghetti and a meatball the size of my head” comfort, although it may have happened once or twice. I am talking about a hunger for food knowledge. I know you share this hunger.

Want to know how a kumquat is grown?  A bonsai-say-what?  Add a pinch of kumquat infused sea salt to a salad and you just might giggle.  Follow me to the next blog and learn a little more about kumquat.

For my love of food, family and knowledge (and to one-up my brothers) thank you for reading.

Senorita Tijerina
“Whatever it is you are looking for, I hope you can eat it!”