Who Am I?


I am Señorita Tijerina.Fall at the apple orchard.  I want to share my global food adventures. My experiences and travels have brought me to places where the stories are endless and the memories are to be shared.
I want to know everything about food. I read cookbooks as though they are history books.  I hunger for it.Prep at Kitchen Window
I work at a local grocer. I see what seasonally and globally comes in daily and eager to commiserate with colleagues on recipes that we can come up with. They are daring, exotic, adventurous and always make us hungry.
I also teach cooking classes.  I love to interact with others who love to cook, eat and swap recipes? I am able to broaden their knowledge of food. I tend to think I am getting the better deal as I believe I learn more from the students.  I teach fresh pasta, Mexican, Spanish, Indian, sushi, soups and stocks and quite frankly what ever the demand is. Have you asked your fish guy for just a bag of heads and tails? Don’t have a fish guy? Sure you do. Ask the employees at your local grocer who bring in the seafood.
I have new experiences every single day. I had my first kumquat experience at work and it inspired me to learn more about it, eat it and experiment.
“Whatever it is you are looking for, I hope you can eat it.”

What about me:
-Born in MN
-Graduate of the University of Minnesota
-Mexican, German, Irish, Swedish, Scottish, Italian, etc.
-Travels:  Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico and more
-Oldest of 4, youngest is 15 (about to be 16!!! Watch out drivers!)
-Lived in Clearwater, Florida, studied in Toledo, Spain
-I smile and laugh A LOT

I hope that you will join me in a culinary adventure.


What are you thinking?

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