Who Am I?


I am Señorita Tijerina.Fall at the apple orchard.  I want to share my food thoughts, experiences, recipes and travels.
I want to know everything about food that I can.  I hunger for it.Prep at Kitchen Window
I work at a local grocer. I get to see what comes in first and  discuss with colleagues recipes we can make.
I also teach cooking classes.  I love to interact with others who love to cook, eat and swap recipes.  I get to broaden their horizons on food. I teach fresh pasta, Mexican, Spanish or soups and stocks, for example.  Ever asked your fish guy for just a bag of heads and tails?
I had my first kumquat experience my initial day of work and it inspired me to start a blog.
“Whatever it is you are looking for, I hope you can eat it.”

What about me you ask?
-Born in MN
-Graduate of the University of Minnesota
-Mexican, German, Irish, Swedish, Scottish, Italian, etc. (i.e. mut
-Travels:  Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico and more
-Oldest of 4, youngest is 13 (about to be 14!!!)
-Lived in Clearwater, Florida
-Smile and laugh A LOT


What are you thinking?

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